HADDON PARK RUGS - Company Message
Manufacturers of Horse Rugs, Cotton, Wool, Shiner Rugs, Sherpa Lined, Summer Ripstop Paddock Rugs, Polar Fleece Rugs.
Stretch Hoods,  Bibs,  Body Liners,  Work Boots, Float Boots ,  Rugless Tail Bags,  Tailbags. Saddle Blankets, Roller Pads, Harness Pads.
Driza Bone Dog Coats, Polar Fleece dog coats, tartan/ Sherpa lined dog coats, Quilted dog coats, Hi Viz dog coats, Faux Fur Dog Coats.

Hope you enjoy looking around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

New contact  number :0451 459470
or email:

Please note:
Minimum order $20

Australia Only
Or ask for postage details first.

Horse rugs, hoods, bibs, tail bags , Dog Coats, driza bone dog coats, Cotton Horse Rugs, Body Liners. 
Hi Viz dog coat
Polar Fleece lined, fully bound with rump darts.
We make them big, we make them small, we make rugs to fit them all.
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